About This Initiative: We aim to Sue & Exit the WHO

Legal Action Is Needed & QUICK!

It’s time to sue the World Health Abomination for authorizing experimental products that are not vaccines on the global market, for censorship, persecution, fraudulent climate, pandemic and vaccine scientific recommendations, and we can never forget it was the WHO that is responsible for issuing a declaration of emergency not in good faith, which violates international law.  That declaration caused illegal limits to our rights, and their powers in the future must be curtailed by changing policy.

Take Serious Action To EXIT the WHO

Global EXIT the WHO Initiative

Global problems require global solutions. Join forces with us as we take serious legal action to prevent the adoption of unethical and unscientific WHO agendas in May 2024 WHA77.

You Need to Know Why To EXIT the WHO

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It is time to get strategic to defeat the WHO experimental vaccine, censorship & climate scam 2030 agendas before it is too late!