Countdown Until WHO WHA77

WHA77 is May 27-June 1, 2024

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Learn the issues & why the world must act NOW!

We Must Stop the WHO Takeover, Pandemic Treaty, IHR Amendments & $11.3B funding!

Mission: Expose & DISCREDIT The WHO

Providing Concrete Proof To Member States That WHO Is Not Accountable To Civil Society For Breaches & Must Be Prohibited In The Public Interest

WHO lies to member states!

Watch the video of the WHO Chief Scientist Caught Lying About Vaccine Safety & Oversight:​

WHO Chief Scientist caught lying.  she contradicts herself within 5 days.  First she says vaccines are safe and effective and WHO works with countries to monitor them.  Second, she contrarily says the WHO is not adequately working with countries and have no answers for deaths from vaccines.

Tedros Soumya Crimes Against Humanity
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WHO Watch

WHO Watch Takes real action - Join us!

We are demanding US & Member States exit the W.H.O. for WHA77 due to lack of science integrity

Interest of Justice ratted out WHO DG Tedros to HHS OGA for unanswered criminal complaints at the Stakeholder Listening Session May 3, 2023.  We will be speaking to protest again April 5, 2024, and will raise hell for humanities sake. It’s our last chance to stop the funding of unethical acts!

#Enforce Article 55 - Prevent Late IHR Amendments!

Stop the Adoption of the Draft Treaty at WHA77!!!

The IHR Amendments Deadline To Agree Passed On January 27, 2024 Yet the WGIHR is in meetings until May 2024 WHA77, to continue negotiations past the deadline!!!

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W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty & IHR Amendments Threaten Us All

The two simultanious processes are burdening the states and people!
Transparency and participation is lacking in the new working group for the IHR deliberation process. Secrecy breeds distrust in WHO and violates the WHO ethics standards. There are numerous legal problems with the IHR amendments on the table.
WHO Watch
No secrets or dubious proposed IHR Amendments on our watch
The WHO INB recognized multiple interested and relevant stakeholders in the treaty process, then excluded them all. The people have a right to be included in the design of the treaty or prevent its adoption. Join us.
WHO Watch
No rigged, undemocratic and rushed generational treaty on our watch

ALERT: WHO Is Upset About YOUR Anti-IHR & Treaty Lies Misinformation (Truth) Impeding The IHR & Pandemic Treaty!

Global Communism & Technocracy

WHO is a communist organization at its inception according to Official US Congressional Records! The records show UN is subversive and must always stay a secret Communist organization at its roots.

UN secret agreement a communist will always head, and knew treaties are way to subvert by adding strange and dangerous clauses - Congress record link
1st US - UN Mililtary loses due to UN communist subversion - Congress Record link

"This Senate attitude hasn't been overlooked by crafty men who would stoop to any device to get their thoughts and ideas inflicted on the Nation and made the supreme law of the land. When men like Alger Hiss and other Communist and Socialist sympathizers wormed their way into positions of great influence in the State Department and took over the job of drafting up our treaties and agreements with international organizations some rather strange and dangerous clauses began to crop up in these documents. These clauses for the most part went unnoticed by Senators who seldom have either the time or the inclination to wade through voluminous treaty agreements prior to voting on them.  But other people were perfectly aware of these clauses. They knew full well that treaties automatically become the supreme law of the land upon ratification and thus take precedence over the Federal Constitution and all our State laws."  (Congressional Record, 1953, page A422)

U.N.’s documented history of unbroken communism raises concerns, especially in context of Agenda 2030, with the WEF’s threat of the abolition of privacy and property rights by 2030, a communist ideology inherent within U.N.

"Now let us look at the record. According to Trygve Lie, longtime Secretary General of the United Nations, he stated flatly that there was a secret agreement between Alger Hiss and Molotov to the effect that the head of the United Nations military staff should always be a Communist. That agreement has never been broken, and we have had a succession of Communists filling that post, the present one being Mr. Arkadov. As a first consequence of this treasonous agreement, this country lost its first military engagement in Korea at a cost to this country of more than $20 billion and 145,000 American casualties ...This was the first war in which we engaged not as the United States military force, but as a United Nations force. ...How convenient this was to the Communists to have one of their own men as head of the United Nations military staff, who reviewed all orders going from the Pentagon to General MacArthur and gave them to our enemy before General MacArthur received them."(Congressional Record, 1962, page 215)

Exit the WHO

2024 Legal Action Plan

Learn The Legal Basis For You To Help Convince Member States To Defund & Sue the WHO!

Organized by Interest of Justice

Fact Checking WHO

Exposing the WHO Breaches of Duty

WHO Breaches of Duty & Wrongdoings:

ILLEGAL Human Experimentation

Nuremberg Code and Human Research Standards of Conduct Violations

The WHO is violating their own research guidance and instead promotes prohibited undue medical and terror psychological nudging experimentation.  This breach of duty is so grave it warrants a complete prohibition of the WHO in each member States forever.

The Appearance Of Conflicts of Interest.
WHO claims they can "manage" conflicts of interest

WHO Myth: Covid Vaccines are safe

Remember, WHO Confessed Above on December 5, 2019: “the WHO is not adequately working with countries and we have no answers for deaths from vaccines”

Fact Check: Covid vaccines are unregistered & on the WHO EUL list for "when public/health authorities may be willing to tolerate less certainty about safety"

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WHO Myth: Covid vaccines do not enter your DNA

Fact Check: Studies show Pfizer integrates into DNA in less than 6 hours

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WHO Myth: Covid is a transmissible virus of great danger 3.5% mortality rate

Fact Check: There is no evidence that covid virus exists and the mortality rate is actually only .45%, which is no more dangerous than a bad flu season

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WHO Myth: No Ordinary Treatment Exists For Covid

Fact Check: WHO & Regulator partners (funded by Big Pharma) censored and suppressed proof of the successful studies with ordinary treatments to justify the EUA and EUL for so called unregistered "vaccine" prototypes

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WHO Myth: Covid vaccines stay in your arm

Fact Check: Government regulators own undisclosed biodistribution studies show the vaccines travel everywhere, into the brain, ovaries and all organs

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April 12, 2022Spoke at WHO 1st treaty hearing
May 13, 2022 Spoke HHS OGA Stakeholder Listening Session
May 22-28, 2022success at 75th WHA
Sept 29,30, 2022Spoke WHO 2nd treaty hearing, made video