ALERT: WHO Is Upset About YOUR Anti-IHR & Treaty Lies Misinformation (Truth) Impeding The IHR & Pandemic Treaty!

Expose the WHO

Global Communism & Technocracy

WHO is a communist organization at its inception according to Official US Congressional Records!

WHO Needs Oversight!

Watch the video of the WHO Chief Scientist Caught Lying About Vaccine Safety & Oversight:​

WHO Chief Scientist caught lying.  she contradicts herself within 5 days.  First she says vaccines are safe and effective and WHO works with countries to monitor them.  Second, she contrarily says the WHO is not adequately working with countries and have no answers for deaths from vaccines.

Tedros Soumya Crimes Against Humanity
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Transparency and open participation are non negotiable rights and duties required by customary international law. 

WHO Watch

Speaking Truth To Power About W.H.O. & Lack Of Science

The WHO is violating their own research guidance and instead promotes prohibited undue medical and terror psychological nudging experimentation.  This breach of duty is so grave it warrants a complete prohibition of the WHO in each member States forever.

April 12, 2022Spoke at WHO 1st treaty hearing
May 13, 2022 Spoke HHS OGA Stakeholder Listening Session
May 22-28, 2022success at 75th WHA
Sept 29,30, 2022Spoke WHO 2nd treaty hearing, made video

The IHR Amendments Deadline To Agree
Passed On January 27, 2024 & Yet the WGIHR is in meetings Feb 5-9, 2024 to continue negotiations past the deadline!!!

#Enforce Article 55 - Prevent Late IHR Amendments!

Stop the Adoption of the Draft Treaty!!!

The two simultanious processes are burdening the states and people!
Transparency and participation is lacking in the new working group for the IHR deliberation process. Secrecy breeds distrust in WHO and violates the WHO ethics standards. There are numerous legal problems with the IHR amendments on the table.
WHO Watch
No dubious proposed IHR Amendments on our watch
The WHO INB recognized multiple interested and relevant stakeholders in the treaty process, then excluded them all. The people have a right to be included in the design of the treaty or prevent its adoption. Join us.
WHO Watch
No undemocratic treaty on our watch week of December 5th