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Re: Pandemic Treaty

Written Comment Re: Implications of Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Commitments/Regimes and Other Proposed Commitments in the WHO Pandemic Agreement


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REMEMBER who you are. You are STAKEHOLDER. Not steak on the table.

“Stakeholders are invited to provide comments on any and all issues raised by the negotiating text, including potential vehicles and means for implementation of commitments to which the U.S. may subscribe.” – Health and Human Services Office of Global Affairs (HHS OGA)

If you want to be heard for sure you have until TODAY January 22, 2024 at 5pm EST to write HHS OGA to tell them respectfully and politely to EXIT WHO and do not adopt the treaty or new norms under WHO concepts & strategies. Late comments MAY be accepted so keep sending and sharing this so the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

If you are overwhelmed with the complexity, Interest of Justice painstakingly stayed up all night & wrote HHS OGA a response for the deadline in the nick of time and you are all invited to sign it and send it in as we wrote it, or you can add your own comment.

They say the deadline is January 22, 2024 at 5pm EST BUT they also explain they may take important comments late, so keep signing and sharing for at least a few weeks to a month to let them know IOJ’s comment is absolutely critical to consider – because we prove the WHO MUST be EXITED as a matter of law based on our 2 year ongoing record of unanswered science integrity and crimes against humanity charges against he WHO.

Please note, this is a LOCKSTEP COLLECTIVE ACTION AGAINST WHO TREATY, IHR AND TO HALT FUNDING RATHER THAN SIGN MORE TIES THROUGH THE TREATY – IOJ will receive a backup copy of all of your responses for future litigation, so please be polite and to the point because the judge needs us to appear non biased while we tell HHS to get their act together and stop furthering and funding the crazy WHO schemes that violate international norms.

SIGN this petition & comment which will send directly to HHS OGA instantly with a copy for you and IOJ to have.