Remind WHO WGIHR Meeting Feb 5-9, 2024: DO NOT VIOLATE IHR! NO IHR Amendments Allowed!!!

Dear WGIHR et al

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Remind WHO WGIHR Meeting Feb 5-9, 2024: DO NOT VIOLATE IHR! NO IHR Amendments Allowed!!!

Dear DG Tedros, Loyce Pace, Colin Mciff, WHO ethics office, WHO Health and Multilateral, Executive Board, et al.

The WGIHR is continuing to meet in order to propose IHR amendments at the WHA77 despite the DG Tedros having failed to “communicate” the package of amendments within the 4 month deadline to be compliant with IHR art. 55.

FIRST: Our Organization Interest of Justice is not satisfied and very disappointed in this mostly secret IHR Amendment process because we have been completely excluded and marginalized despite being recognized by the INB as interested and relevant stakeholders in Pandemic Preparedness and Response and despite repeatedly requesting to be included.

SECOND: We demand all of you present this to the WGIHR because we have tried to contact the body since the beginning of the process, but the WHO refuses to provide any contact information for the WGIHR.

THIRD: We demand that all of you enforce IHR article 55 insofar as you do NOT propose, adopt or agree to any IHR amendment that may be presented by the WGIHR in the WHA77 or before the WHA78, in order to uphold the spirit of due process, fairness and equity that Article 55 encompasses.

FOURTH: We strongly suggest that for this process to have any credibility whatsoever that dissenting scientific, legal and ethical experts are brought in for the purpose of debates and to remind the WGIHR that there are much broader issues so far that are not considered by WGIHR, which, if left out, such as jus cogens norms, mechanisms for the protection of human rights, serious research integrity and ethical issues will lead to a disaster generationally with a binding IHR that is insufficient in scope, and as a result absolutely null and void.

Thank you,

Relevant and excluded stakeholder,